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The journey to the destination, the end of which is comprehensive immigration reform, is a road that has many twists and turns. Like every journey, it has its ups and downs. One of the little victories, at least locally, has taken place in the Illinois State Legislator, with the passage of a bill, which, will allow undocumented residents to have temporary drivers permits.


The majority of the faith groups supported this bill as a practical step to easing the burdens experienced by people, who for the vast majority, are here trying to work hard to support their families. It is also supported by those who say that, allowing these folks to have driver's education and get insurance to drive will make our roads safer for everyone.


This of course is a temporary measure and though a welcome development, it is not a permanent solution to the larger issue. The larger issue, to which I refer, is our broken and out of date immigration system.

With that in mind and aware of the renewed possibility of action on a more comprehensive approach, the US Catholic Bishops, have once again called for legislation that will include:


1.An opportunity for those who live in the U.S. as "unauthorized immigrants" to transition to "legal immigrants" if they can demonstrate good moral character and have built up equities in this country.

2. Efforts to maintain and strengthen the family-based immigration system and family reunification.

3. The institution of a temporary worker program that is responsive to the needs of the market and that employs strong enforcement mechanisms to ensure that abuses do not occur.

4. The restoration of due process for individuals caught up in the immigration system.

Beyond the immediate goal of securing passage for comprehensive immigration reform, the bishops affirm
 that the most effective, long-term solution to prevent unauthorized immigration is to address the root causes that prompt migration. The United States must work in solidarity with the international community to help raise the standard of living, uphold human rights, and implement complementary political institutions in the underdeveloped world so that people have the chance to prosper intheir homelands, rather than having to migrate to find opportunities elsewhere.


If you agree with the bishops, please let your Senator/Congressman know that you support this approach.



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