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These three words are a good summary of what the so-called
“gang of eight” in the US Senate, wish to achieve in their new Immigration
bill. The bill was to have been released by early April, but as I go to press,
it has been delayed once again. Firstly, by a push to pass some gun
restrictions legislation in the Senate and secondly, a group of Republican
members who wish to “slow down” the process, so that in the words of one
source, “our people can be afforded the time they need to study the issues

The reason given for “slowing down” the process is, that many member in the Senate and The House,
were not elected in 2007 when Congress last made a serious attempt to fix the


As one who has been involved with the issue since 2005, I can attest to the need to educated
members and staff after each election cycle. This is particularly true of
congressional staffers, as they have a very high turnover rate. I constantly
get the reply, “really” when I point out that 20% of the undocumented are non Latino
and that up to 50,000 Irish are part of the mix.


It is also worth pointing out, that, politicians are very susceptible to the winds of public
opinion. And if recent trends are taken into consideration, then, the latest
polls once again, show a growing number across the political spectrum are in
favor of dealing with undocumented immigrants in a positive way.


The latest poll, from NBC/Wall Street Journal shows, “64% of
all respondents say they favor allowing undocumented immigrants to have the
opportunity to become legal American citizens. That includes 82% of Latinos,
80% of Democrats and 54% of political independents supporting a path to
citizenship. But 51% of Republicans oppose it, versus 47% who back it. Yet when
told that the pathway to citizenship would require paying fines and back taxes,
as well as passing a security-background check, support grows -- with 76% of
total respondents and even 73% of Republicans backing the path. Also in the
poll, a majority of all respondents (54%) agree with the statement that
immigration adds to the nation’s character and strengthens it by bringing
diversity and talent to the country.”


Folks who read and listen to issues beyond “sound bytes”, “get it”, for the majority, the time for
study and familiarity with the subject is “enough already”. The time has come
for our elected officials, to move on C.I.R. grasp the issue with its various
parts and let’s get this done.


The strength of group work


Once a US president went out to see the situation of
the city. Somewhere a group of soldiers was trying to lift a large branch of a
tree from their way.


The Corporal was standing by their side instructing them to
work harder, but they were unable to move it.

A stranger was riding on his horse and he observed what was
going on. He said to the Corporal – “if you help them they will be able to move
it. Why don’t you help them? ”

The Corporal replied – “That is not my job, I am the
Corporal. It is their work, they should do it.”

The stranger did not hesitate a moment, immediately he dismounted from his horse,

and helped the group of the soldiers to move that log.


This additional strength helped them to move the log.

After moving it, the stranger mounted his horse and said to the Corporal – “Next time
you need to move some heavy thing and you need a help, call for the Commander-in
Chief” and went on his way.
It was then that the men realized that the stranger was none
other than George Washington – the first President of the United States, the
Commander-in-Chief of the army.


Author Unknown


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