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Chicago Irish Immigrant Support is proud to host an innovative student program in collaboration with Wellspring Personal Care and the major Irish universities.


We have teamed up with Wellspring, a homecare agency, to provide a social work field placement opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students from Irish universities.  We accept two students per semester from Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork or National University of Ireland, Galway.


The students receive a stipend and college credit to complete their social work field placement in Chicago, working with a particular emphasis on our seniors outreach program.


The students are a fantastic addition to our full program of seniors events and they form strong bonds with the seniors that they work with while here in Chicago.  They even pay friendly visits to the homes of Irish and Irish Amerian seniors who welcome the company.


If you would like more information on our program or would like to meet our students contact our office on 773-282-8445.



Summer 2013

Denise Miley


As a student social worker from Ireland
here on an internship with CIIS , it has been a fascinating experience for me
learning about the upcoming Immigration Bill. Although back home in Ireland we
hear how there is a new bill on the agenda for those who live in the US without
documentation, it is not until you hear the people themselves speak, that you
realize the devastating impact that this issue has on families. When I attended
the May Day Protest it left me feeling very humble having heard children, wives
and mothers speak of their desperation when their fathers and husbands are
taken into custody and deported. Surely this is a total lack of respect for
human rights and these measures should be ceased immediately.

What has also been an eye opening
experience is the huge importance that community work plays in these issues, no
matter how big or how small the agenda, when communities unite they can be as
powerful as they like and can accomplish any goal that they set their sights
on. I have also learned with immense awe how changes were brought about
regarding the driver’s license issue. The Irish played a central role in the
lobbying efforts in Springfield that saw passage of the drivers’ licenses for
the undocumented bill that Governor Quinn signed into law in February. I hope
that when I return home I will take with me the immense pride that these
communities have in themselves and relate it in my work as a social worker.

If I take one name back to Ireland it will
be that of ‘Mark Kirk’ and I will without fail be watching how he votes. I hope
he has the integrity to vote with his heart and that all you undocumented
people achieve all your hopes and dreams.

Gretchen McGuirk


Interning at Chicago Irish Immigrant Support over the past two months has really opened
my eyes to the impact public policy and law can have on an entire community of
people and their families.
When I arrived in Chicago I had no knowledge of the proposed immigration reform bill.Over the past two months working alongside Chicago Irish Immigrant Support, I have had an amazing opportunity to stand by, listen to and support many community
organizations, families and individuals dreaming of immigration reform here in
Having been away from my own family back in Dublin for a short time, I cannot begin to
understand how upsetting and devastating it must be for the hundreds of
families suffering from deportations every day. The strength and passion I have
seen during my time here from the many families and lobbying organizations has
been truly inspiring. Senator Kirk must vote with a warm heart and keep families together


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